Sunday, October 26, 2008


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After putting in a lot of thoughts together, I have finally decided to do my part - to clear off the unneccesary clutter from my life! A simple practice such as alt+shift+delete has so much meaning to our non-computer living side of life.

I know there is so much to take care of at this point of my phase in life. And suddenly there is so much more to do!

To begin with, I came up with a list of all the things that I do and the sametime not proud of it. These things not only complicate my life but also get me massively disorganised. And so the list reads as follows:
1. Messy room- which not only means cluttered with clothes ranging from all sizes but also ending up clueless about what is kept where.
2. waking up late in the mornings.
3. Irregular workouts.
4. External distractions in the mind at workplace. Not being able to concentrate and give my full self at work. This has definitly affected me during my feedback with my manager.
5. Not being update with current affairs and business affairs. This is gonna make me a bad, dull and boring conversationalist someday!
6. Procrastination of important tasks/chores. I bet you all I can score the highest when it comes to procrastinating things.
7. Re-structuring/arranging my wardrobe. I'm terrible at this one especially when the whole room's messy. The terrible thing is when I'm sitting in front of my cupboard half awake at mornings and hopelessly pre-occupied with one side of my mind while the other side is trying to decide what clothes to wear for work. Sometimes I don't even realise that i spend 30 mins just trying to decide and struggle my way to see what matches with what.
8.Not being able to give time for myself on weekends.
9. Messy workstation. Messy Inbox. Totally messed up computer system with too many unnecessary folders and files.
10. Terrible time management skills.

Ok. Having realised the above things and plus a 25 minute discussion with my manager about my average performance at workplace, I felt worse than a walked-over banana skin.

Having experienced a mindful of terrible mixed emotions and a state of withdrawal ( ok i sound like a schezophrenic here but I'm not exxagerating), I decided that I can always choose to reverse things out for better or for good. I realised I had to save my job if I like the work that I'm doing and the kind of money my company is paying me. So I decided to come up with an action plan (a real strict one) and execute it. After all they say we should never despise the small beginings (in my case teeny-weeny beginings).

Action Plan # 1-

Manage time properly by carefully measuring the daylong activties at office. Each task should be timed so that I can try my best to finish them off in the given time period. Prepare a checklist of activities in a personal notebook. After completeing each task check it or strike it (with each strike comes a sense of elevation topped with exhileration). Keep the workstation tidy. No cluttered papers whatsover. Avoid personal talks with freinds who come online. Discipline yourself to strictly stop using orkut/facebook/gtalk/yahoo messenger/hotmail etc. Keep the last half hour of the day to check personal e-mails. Manage your breaktime carefully and wisely. The first half hour of the day should be spent on planning. Remember that planning comes first and then comes execution. Keep your inbox clear from unnecessary mails/folders. Do all what it takes to be a good professional at work. Keep networking going with people, start handling more projects, keep your self-development and learning hours active and work even more harder on initiatives. Do all you can to keep your clients happy. Let them know that you're an efficient worker. At the end of each day do not forget to assess yourself.

Action Plan # 2-

Today when I was done cleaning up my room, I realised what I had just done! I did away with all the clutter that was not only around me but also with the clutter that was hanging in my brain. I suddenly experienced a feeling of lightness around me. Thoughts started to flow in my mind. I began to think like someone who knows what I want and what i don't want (I'm not over estimating this action trust me). From now on I strongly feel that I should start practising the whole cleanliness act which for most part of my life I thought was an over-exxagerated term/concept. Today I had suddenly realised that I had so many pair of lovely clothes and shoes which i could wear to work if I carefully pre-planned my weekdays wardrobe on weekends. I need to start doing this starting from today.

Action Plan # 3-

I nearly killed my bamboo shoot! I'm such a selfish soul. I was too caught up with my own life to even consider glancing past my little bamboo shoot. It was today while cleaning up I realised how yellow my plant has gone from being a green little fella. So my action plan # 3 is to save him and bring him back to life. I will care as much and start watering him every single day!

Action Plan # 4-

If the time is not will always be a NO. Always! I want to slaughter the word 'proscratinate' out of my life. The rule of the game is the word NOW. Do it now or it may happen never. This will surely get my life into some means of definite order.

Action Plan # 5-

Keep upbreast with current affairs mainly the business news no matter what. Do it online or do it in real but do it. That's what matters. Subscribe news updates online. Read trade journals. Once you make it a habit it will stay.

Action Plan # 6-

Stay away from situations that you wouldn't want intervention at work. Keep repeating to yourself you got to save the job for all the several reasons that I know of. Let the HR know the value addition that I could bring across the table.

Action Plan # 7-

Stay fit. Look best to think best. Nothing is better than a well-groomed look. Re-start workouts all over again. Do not overstress like earliar but do in moderation.

I'm hoping I have done enough self-examination about the things to do. I can't wait to start my new day. Its a beautiful life and I need to remember that. I landed up with a non-fiction book that says 52 Ways to save your job (trust me this was pure co-incidence that i found it at the right time and I never really went hunting for it.) I've held too much of a resentment for self-help books all my life but this time I'm keeping my perspectives open. Its not fair to walk around with prejudices in our minds. I will keep all you guys posted if there is a take home from this book and maybe even drop in some work tips for you all. Until then a happy sign off note from me :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

My current phase!

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I think sometimes anticipation is the worst thing ever. I'm not saying to anticipate over things is wrong, but when we expect the result of our actions to always have a positive outcome, then I guess we need to pause and re-think.

Most typically we are used to acting upon our will. And in the course, we seldom think of the "what if" possibility. The "what if" possibility, which could be anything other than our own expectations. Does my point of view sound impractically impossible and indifferent to you? Well the fact remains that we always expect a result or an outcome to be the way we want it?

The question we need to ask ourselves is how can we handle all the unpleasant things in our lives which come to us most unexpectedly. I don't think I have figured this out myself as yet.

I'm waiting. For a breakthrough to happen in my life. And it seems to me like a lifelong process. And while this is all taking place, I feel that somewhere I'm living too comfortably all snuggled up. Not wanting to take risk. I heard about many sucess stories but I remember very little about the hardwork behind these sucess stories. Maybe its my time to do a fair share of deep introspection.

We often ask when is the change going to come into my life oh lord! When is it going to be my turn? Is there a true purpose to my being?

Well...I have a knowing that I've come to a phase where I'm doing the same things almost everyday! And this makes me older by each day. Waking up to bitter mornings is not an infrequent feeling anymore. I've known myself well enough until now. I have often wondered why is it that I can't think or be like all my freinds who are married. I'm only hoping my answer to this question is that I'm made for something more other than just being happily married. Yes, maybe I think I am.

Is lonliness just got to do with being single? Maybe not. The distance we can go to break our lonliness is quite amusing and obnoxious. Just the other day, I went and got myself registered in matrimonial and dating sites which I think is ridiculously unbelievable. My eyes are seeking for something that's not known. My lonliness speaks a lot to me. And yet it leaves an unspoken void within.

I've had relationships and I think I'm done with them for good. Mistaking infatuation with love is such a womanish thing. I'm sure about this one. And so, the next time I talk to a supposedly "interesting" man, I will have my warning alarms clocked up carefully. I know they will ring and prevent from the future damage.

It is tough to start living all over when we learn the hard way that mankind is selfish and its a selfish world. Everyone of us are living life just to fulfill our own needs. It is all about nothing but SELF-GRATIFICATION.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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I wish men had PMS troubles too. Why should I be the one who's always dealing with depression and gloom??

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Escape? or Freedom??

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Are you sure you can go all alone?
"yes I'm sure. No big deal. I can go on my own"
Do you think you can manage to cross the road at this part of the night and be safe?
"Yeah. Why not?!"
Well...I'm a little skeptical. It's late and you're a lady. What if some goons try to chase you? Do you think you will be able to handle it?
Of course I can. C'mon now, I'm not a baby ok!! Just relax!

Just then, the rick stopped. I got down. Bid bye to my best friend. I saw some men on the other side of the road. I knew they were watching me but I must take my chances. I muster courage. I know anything can happen. But nothing can go wrong if I dont let it. I muster courage.

I should be prepared to go through anything that I dread. I muster courage again. I'm crossing the road now. With each step I'm heading closer to these bunch of men. They're laughing aloud amongst themselves, trying their best to get my attention. They can see I'm alone and they probably want to intimidate me. I muster courage. I walk with confidence. Chin up and head straight. The look on my face is rather serious than nervous.

They may guess I'm not scared or anxious by the look I carry over my face. But they dont know that this is my first time and that I'm taking my chances. I'm giving my best into this whole situation and now I am more easy to get noticed as I head more closer to their sight. I almost walk past them.

I confidently walk towards my two-wheeler, kickstart it, put on my helmet and zooom away.

You did it rids!!! You took your chance. You're a winner this time, yet again!!!

Maybe we can all someday overcome fear by taking our share of chances. If this can set us free, then should I be calling it as Freedom??

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