Friday, October 24, 2008

My current phase!

Posted by Mood Swings at 4:31 PM
I think sometimes anticipation is the worst thing ever. I'm not saying to anticipate over things is wrong, but when we expect the result of our actions to always have a positive outcome, then I guess we need to pause and re-think.

Most typically we are used to acting upon our will. And in the course, we seldom think of the "what if" possibility. The "what if" possibility, which could be anything other than our own expectations. Does my point of view sound impractically impossible and indifferent to you? Well the fact remains that we always expect a result or an outcome to be the way we want it?

The question we need to ask ourselves is how can we handle all the unpleasant things in our lives which come to us most unexpectedly. I don't think I have figured this out myself as yet.

I'm waiting. For a breakthrough to happen in my life. And it seems to me like a lifelong process. And while this is all taking place, I feel that somewhere I'm living too comfortably all snuggled up. Not wanting to take risk. I heard about many sucess stories but I remember very little about the hardwork behind these sucess stories. Maybe its my time to do a fair share of deep introspection.

We often ask when is the change going to come into my life oh lord! When is it going to be my turn? Is there a true purpose to my being?

Well...I have a knowing that I've come to a phase where I'm doing the same things almost everyday! And this makes me older by each day. Waking up to bitter mornings is not an infrequent feeling anymore. I've known myself well enough until now. I have often wondered why is it that I can't think or be like all my freinds who are married. I'm only hoping my answer to this question is that I'm made for something more other than just being happily married. Yes, maybe I think I am.

Is lonliness just got to do with being single? Maybe not. The distance we can go to break our lonliness is quite amusing and obnoxious. Just the other day, I went and got myself registered in matrimonial and dating sites which I think is ridiculously unbelievable. My eyes are seeking for something that's not known. My lonliness speaks a lot to me. And yet it leaves an unspoken void within.

I've had relationships and I think I'm done with them for good. Mistaking infatuation with love is such a womanish thing. I'm sure about this one. And so, the next time I talk to a supposedly "interesting" man, I will have my warning alarms clocked up carefully. I know they will ring and prevent from the future damage.

It is tough to start living all over when we learn the hard way that mankind is selfish and its a selfish world. Everyone of us are living life just to fulfill our own needs. It is all about nothing but SELF-GRATIFICATION.


prajwal said...

Firstly from all i know you,i think u are seriously married to your job,that might be the reason for not being in a relationship.second,infatuation is not only a woman thing,it does happen with alot of men on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh!!!

Well, honestly rid, i dnt know what to say about your current state.

But what I can say is about those success stories. Everybody says its hard work. but dont you get fooled! its most definitely not hard work alone. there are a lot of things that go in for a person succeed. Hardwork will never get you anywhere in this damn place called world. we are living in the 21st century and rapidly moving to the 22nd century. What you need here is smart work.. as in SMART!

The movies like life in a metro and fashion just shows a pint of reality. Its happening right left and centre. Not only in the "woods" (ie., holly, bolly, kolly, tolly) but also in the entire nations every possible industry. *SIGH*

dont understand where the world is heading to! *SIGH*



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