Saturday, October 11, 2008

Escape? or Freedom??

Posted by Mood Swings at 8:56 AM
Are you sure you can go all alone?
"yes I'm sure. No big deal. I can go on my own"
Do you think you can manage to cross the road at this part of the night and be safe?
"Yeah. Why not?!"
Well...I'm a little skeptical. It's late and you're a lady. What if some goons try to chase you? Do you think you will be able to handle it?
Of course I can. C'mon now, I'm not a baby ok!! Just relax!

Just then, the rick stopped. I got down. Bid bye to my best friend. I saw some men on the other side of the road. I knew they were watching me but I must take my chances. I muster courage. I know anything can happen. But nothing can go wrong if I dont let it. I muster courage.

I should be prepared to go through anything that I dread. I muster courage again. I'm crossing the road now. With each step I'm heading closer to these bunch of men. They're laughing aloud amongst themselves, trying their best to get my attention. They can see I'm alone and they probably want to intimidate me. I muster courage. I walk with confidence. Chin up and head straight. The look on my face is rather serious than nervous.

They may guess I'm not scared or anxious by the look I carry over my face. But they dont know that this is my first time and that I'm taking my chances. I'm giving my best into this whole situation and now I am more easy to get noticed as I head more closer to their sight. I almost walk past them.

I confidently walk towards my two-wheeler, kickstart it, put on my helmet and zooom away.

You did it rids!!! You took your chance. You're a winner this time, yet again!!!

Maybe we can all someday overcome fear by taking our share of chances. If this can set us free, then should I be calling it as Freedom??


prajwal said...

The sign of new age independant woman is that she prepares for the worst and faces the problem head on if need arises.
my mom(whos also a single parent)says so on a regular basis.The whole irony is that 80% of the population is still stuck in an oppressive and sexist time warp.SO,the society(read men)can be appreciative(read inanely leering) of independant single woman

prajwal said...

there are spelling mistakes in that

Anonymous said...

Gee Rids,

You know what, the times are changing so rapidly that men are getting scared of women. They give men a run for their money, so sometimes its safe not to mess with women, with the government and lots of NGOs fighting for womens right, that they have started to overlook few rules here and there..

Its becoming a womens world these days :(



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