Monday, June 30, 2008

Like a Candle in the wind...

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The other day, I was contemplating for not so obvious reason about Diana, the princess of Wales.
She is to most people just a public figure, a celebrity with a starry status and I was too of the same impression about her but not until i took an insight into her "actual" life!.
I remember watching documentaries based on her life while I was still growing up. Back then I dint want to believe her super-glamorous image hyped by the media. I simply felt it was more than exaggeration.

As a young girl, the news of her sudden demise did not really jolt me unlike it did to most people around. Probably because I was still too young to realize what her loss could really mean.
It’s been more than a decade now she left this world.
Barring these ten years alone, in my recent past I felt this abrupt strange inexplicable pull that drew me towards her which got me into a sudden urge, to probe further into her life.
Personally, I would call it some sort of mental inquisitiveness. I had little control over my fingers that restlessly did a search option exercise on the internet. I seemed to have gotten very busy reading an online description ‘about her’.
I spent a while staring at her pictures where she posed in different poses in her royal long gowns and dresses. Simply elegant! Simply Class! She’s stunnigly so exuberant for the kind of rare charisma she oozed. She definitely did reflect what we call the ‘inner beauty’ too!

More often than not, to me the word ‘glamour’ always meant the outer side or the superficial side. But it was only when I went deeper into reading more about her did I realize that she was indeed very glamorous both from within and without.
Diana was someone who never shunned from her elegance even during the most turbulence of times. She fought until the end because she knew she had to fight to make her life work the best.
I wonder why she had to go through such a tough life.
Growing up in a broken family was never easy (she confessed this in one of her interviews). Bad marriage with one misunderstanding upon another and issues that ultimately led into an ugly divorce.
The truth was, she wanted her marriage to work out so badly just like any loyal and true wife. This made her role as a mother even more difficult to play. To top it all, she had to put up with the bitter slandering of the media day in and out. Even death was tough on her. An impulsive car crash!!
She never looked for sympathies from anyone. This amazes me. Sympathizing someone doesn’t make sense anyway. She always longed for love and care.
Diana bowled me as a princess because in all her actions she more than outdid a typical princess. Her charity work touched many hearts, mainly the ones who received it.
Diana is a person from whom everyone can learn some important lessons in whichever way it might apply to their lives. Getting an insight into her life makes us ponder about relationships and values.
To me personally it matters so much coz the way I look at relationships is in some ways quite common with the way Diana did. So compassionate at the way she offered her services to the depriving societies of the world. Diana to me is not just a princess or a royal heiress. She’s symbolic to elegance and poise.

Perhaps if there ever is an option to undo the damage, I would wish to see her alive today, happily married to Charles. She would have then been a wonderful wife and a caring mother too. But it can only remain as a wishful thinking, nowhere close to reality. It doesn’t take too much to recall upon and retain those myriad memories she left behind.

Elton sang it so right “she lived her life like a candle in the wind, never fading with the sunset when the rain set in…!” Indeed England’s rose that she is…
we sure do miss your presence Diana. May you rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fennel Seed

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Fennel Seed...! That's my blog's name.

For most, this title (Fennel Seed) might sound a bit wierd for a blog. But the truth is, I was struggling really hard to come up with atleast an average name and so ended up calling it Fennel Seed. I think it works pretty fine for me. And besides, it's my favorite of all spices because it accentuates the aroma/flavour when added to a dish. I hope to put in some of my best of thoughts in here to make all you readers know what my personal stances are like... So, please go ahead and read on...

Blogging to me:

Talking about the whole idea of blogging, I have never been successful enough in "acquiring the taste" for it. Well... I did give it a try though but just could'nt resist getting back to doing my usual classic pen and diary thing. Not that am against blogging or something ( I just wouldn't be here if that was the case) but I personally think writing is more like an activity when compared to this whole virtual finger-thrusting exercise on keyboard. Sometimes I think it is such a compelling act to do (so you know the reason why I eventually gave up).

Blogging is catching up fast or maybe its already caught the hands of many. Infact it's hard to comprehend how all the writers now prefer blogging to writing. Maybe for them its a good barter because they think its a time-saver.
Albeit, I have never been a blogger ever before until now.

For me, the whole idea of staying up late at nights to write my diary with a pen is still so beautifully interesting. Writing somehow can bring about a complete sense of self-expression to the fullest. And yet blogging seems more easy, convinient and faster. Oxymoron isn't it?!!

I've had 3 unsuccesful blogs in the past and hopefully I am going to keep this one for a good long time, reason being- my late night work schedules that simply wont permit me to write anymore. The other reason is that while I'm at work, I can quickly shred my thoughts into a draft!!!
Easy, quick and convinient. Just like the taste of Fennel seeds.... :-P

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