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Now tell me what can ever stop a twenty-something-girl who's on her own, and is independent in most ways (even financially) and wants to be close to her other self by indulging in activities that she likes. Well, don't let your mind run too wild. I'm only talking about what most girls typically love doing- S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!! I'm a compulsive shopper and so what! And yes, lately my hunger pangs for shopping has become almost irresistably impulsive.

Personally, when it comes to shopping I think this whole money saving thing sounds a little too over-rated to me. To be honest maybe I would address this type of a money saving frenzy-ness as a typical "Indian thing" (spare me if i sound biased) but what the heck!! People here are too caught up with "saving one's earnings" rather than just letting it go a bit easy.

Well, in my case its more like the contrast. While I do belive that saving is important, I would also emphasise that one should indulge in a bit of spulrging as well. It's such a stress buster (no exxageration) and helps you understand the importance of looking and feeling good.
When i spulrge overtly, I get to realise it only when my mum finds the bills lying in my room. As a mother she gets as typical as she can but I'm used to her "money-saving" rattling by now anyway.

Well, come to think of it, there is little defiance we can demonstrate especially with all the discounts and sale seasons splashed all over the city malls.

Fact # 1- Shopping is a way of bonding with friends!!

Last month, Teja was in town (My best freind from college). Now tell me wouldn't it be such a disgrace to not celebrate the re-union?? Like i said shopping in other words is bonding with freinds.

You should see the way she gets all charged up on our girly shopping trips. That's another reason why we get along so well

So anyway, there we met at stampede- mmmm my favourite shoe shop. To my luck they had a flat 50% off. I noticed the way those cute pair of copper tie-ups were beckoning at me soon after i made my entree into the shop. I still remember how I was smitten at the sight of tie-ups when i first saw them in catwalk. But my heart almost sank when i saw the price tag. 1700 bucks!! Heck! How am i to afford shoes so expensive. Copper tie ups!!!!!!! Wow. I love tie-ups, at almost half a price is such a bonus. I always wanted to strut around flaunting them.

Anyway, 6 months later much to my delight i finally bought these lovely pair of copper coloured roman tie-ups for a price that couldn't have ever dreamt!! Yes 400 bucks!!! What a hot deal isn't it.

I thought over many nights and days over my foolish resistance on such lovely tie-ups. And finally on one fine sale day, I find them happily gesturing at me in the most unexpected shop at the most unexpected price!! My reaction knew no bounds. Atlast I found them.

In less than a few seconds after I swiped my card at the billing counter, there it struck to me. It was as if a heavy bolt lightning which started manouevering in my braina and there I was almost enlightened. Suddenly everything started to make sense in my head. I knew it! I knew it! The fact that I'm a wise shopper!! Yes, a WISE SHOPPER.

Fact # 2- I'm a smart shopper!

Cosmoplitan says- a smart and a wise shopper always knows what she wants. A smart shopper simply wont spend her money on buying things that she won't use. Whoa! that's like me!!. Yes, its not some random co-incidental fact. It indeed is a quality that was there in me. And from this day onwards I'm nothing but a smart shopper. My purchases this sale season were all what i always wanted!!

Fact # 3- My version of "Smart shopper" (description given below)

Apart from pampering oneself by buying useful and important stuff, smart shopping to me is not always about buying stuff for oneself. An ocassional gift to freinds makes it exciting. It not only helps us save money during sales but also invests in good relations. I love buying gifts for friends. Heard the good ol saying? When you buy gifts for others, others will buy them back for you :P

It was Teja's bday last month and what better reason to shop! And besides girls love gifts especially the ones they get for birthdays. Birthday gifts make it so momentful with a dash of sentiments. So I picked for her a nice pair of coffee coloured suede croc shoes with a chic heel to it. She did looked fab in them as she walked. And ya she did adore them right there!

The sale season doesn't just end with one shop. A smart shopper will never stop her shopping right there. We call it mall hopping in other words. The sight of a well lit mall with several chic shops makes my heart beat like a zillion times a minute. The whole anticipation of buying new stuff is like an adrenaline. The best part about sale is, when you're in a mall looking at 25 different things and wanna own them sametime the chances of buying all the 25 things is more brighter. Its so wonderfully magical. It's like a child craving for 2 candies but gets 10 candies in exchange to his unexpectations.

After about 3 hours of perserverent rummagging I bought a gorgeous looking red leather shoes, an ultra-feminine pink cardigan, lovely pair of tight half pants and a pair of new dark wine Scott glares all in just half the price!! Oh i cant wait to wear them. I have a whole new wardrobe to show off now. People wont stop complimenting me. I love it when the ladies at work go all ga-ga about my dressing. They always wanna know where i buy my stuff from. I love such comments.


XCENTRIC TITANS on September 30, 2008 at 11:18 PM said...

I loveed your peice...Because I was the centre of attention! :P

Tell me when there is a big Sale again and I will come!

Love you lots.

Mood Swings on October 9, 2008 at 6:48 AM said...

Pssssst...well...i kinda re-vamped my post. I hope u wont mind some of my edits...LOL

But the truth is my love...You're still my beloved...even inspite of the edits and the parts where i cut you off :P


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