Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mouthful of Chicken

Posted by Mood Swings at 9:59 AM
FOOD is one of my favourite subjects of all. Give me a list of interesting ingredients and voila! I will turn it into a dish. Purely out of my imagination.

Yeah this sounds a bit too over-confident but yeah I always looooooooooooove to cook in my free time.

Most important of all the things is I loooove to experiment with chicken.

I know all the animal rights activists will be waiting at my doorstep to shoot me for saying this but yeah I believe that Chicken was created to be eaten. I dont really care if it was the egg or the chicken that came out first. I love them both anyway. All I really want to care for is some really good delecious mouthful of chicken on my plate every single day!

Chicken roast, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, chicken fry, chicken curry, chicken rolls, chicken pizza, chicken this, chicken that and more of chicken chicken chicken!!!!! Mmmmmmm.

I did taste other bird meats like turkey, duck and 'teetar' (name of a local bird in India) but nothing tastes any better than chicken meat.

Tomorrow is Sunday. And that means it's a 'cooking day'. I'm all geared up and I know pretty much what I'm supposed to be cooking. Chicken! That's right. Yaaaaaaaaaay!! I will be cooking chicken for my parents.

I'm really excited!!!!!!!!!!

And I even know how my parents are going to react tomorrow when they will taste my new chicken recipe. They will very warmly acknowledge me for my innate talent. (No bragging but seriously). They always do that. Maybe partly because I'm their daughter but moreso because I am a really really good cook!!!

So anyway tomorrow when they are going to taste my new chicken dish they'll delightedly affirm back to me to say- "we're blessed with such a wonderful daughter coz she spends her Sundays doing nothing else but cooking chicken for us". To which I will respond back smiling at them non-challantly with all that pride over my face :P


XCENTRIC on August 21, 2008 at 5:07 AM said...

Lets start a chicken lovers club because girl your post has given me an appetite...i wish i could dig my teeth now in some succulent meat of chicken!! time i'll order that Half KG meat lasagnea! only this time it will be chicken!

Faiz... on August 22, 2008 at 8:05 AM said...

Honey goes wonderfully with Chicken. Jus so you know...

Mood Swings on August 23, 2008 at 9:55 AM said...

ohhh...oh yeahhhh...actually yes it does...why did you remind me of it now...slurp slurp..

Anonymous said...

I know it may sound cliched but...thats one thing we do share in common..our love for chicken.just in case u wanna try something new...try cooking chicken over live coals....its very delicious and healthy too.for both ure chicen cravings an ure bips obsession.all u have to do is marinate the chicken with some lime juice and herbs....with seasoning.and mariante it for an over.burn some coals in a barbeque(if u dont have that an old flower pot will do
) skewer the pieces.then wait for the coals to be hot enuff put the skewers over them.after 3 mins turn them over and voila ...ul taste heaven.


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