Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Day to Remember

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As I woke up this Saturday morning at about 9:00 am, I recalled it’s not one of those regular I-cant-do-much-today kind of Saturdays.

I had the whole plan afresh striking back at once in my mind that I had pre-arranged the day before Teja’s arrival to Hyderabad.

I was quiet excited about spending 2 short days with my incredibly close friend from college, Teja.

Back during our graduating days, we were a group of 4 girls in college-Jeena, Teja, Ira and me. At that time though we were closely knit, I was more close to Ira than the other two. Ira and I still are close and nothing can change that but what I’m saying is that it is quite astonishing when good times walk into your life with certain impulsiveness and that’s when all of a sudden the not-so-close people become close to you.

Note: Please wear your glasses and read on…

Re-unions to me always meant letting your hair down, dropping your inhibitions and mostly about being yourself to have some crazy, wild, whacky fun. To make the most of her stay, Teja and I set out for the day with our most mutually beloved activity-SHOPPING!

Unbelievable fact # 1 - In the last two days we’ve both splurged on shopping as if we were born to some rich dads or something. But I guess that's what best friends are all about. When one hesitates to spend that little extra money on those pair of exquisite red shoes, the other helps out in summing up the courage to go ahead and swipe your credit card without worrying too much about the expenses. And voila! Your decision on buying those exquisite red shoes becomes so easy.

And it is that very moment. That very instant, you realize that if it were not for your caring Girl- friend, you would have missed out on RED SHOES!!!!!

We met up on Friday morning. I love Friday mornings. Fridays remind me about the much awaited weekend activities (shopping especially) and all that anticipation that comes along with it.

I can't believe I took an off from work just to meet Teja. Gosh! I must have been really missing meeting some sensible people in Hyderabad. I remember I have never taken an off from work just to meet any friend, not even a good friend for that matter. But I finally did and it’s totally worth it.

We did all the possible gala wandering and lived our little “re-union”.

As I see, re-unions get better with time. The last time we met we were a little sober.

I can tell you with all the memory that I hold about my life and believe me these 2 days were the most unforgettable and remarkable days after a real long time.

We shopped. We ate out at posh places. We gossiped. We goofed around. We burst laughters. We girly-talked. We went street-hopping on the drizzling streets of Hyderabad. We splurged. And we parted eventually! Because we knew we had little alternative. We knew we had to break from all the pleasurable fun to get back to the regular routine of daily grind.

She’s leaving at 5:00 pm today. Back to Vizag. Through Vishaka Express. I want to see her off. Until the moment, my beckon fades away into plain nothingness. I will miss her having around. But we all must learn to do on our own without really missing anyone too much. Mum usually tells me that.

I shall miss you my friend. I hope we meet again soon. Until then, I will spend my time musing over our memories together.

I’m not going to forget what these 2 days have done to me. They have brought me back to being what I used to be in college- Extremely carefree and totally fun-loving.

I’m not going to forget our laughter together.

I’m not going to forget all your advices.

I’m not going to forget the way I spent away all my money and still managed a smile on my face.

I’m not going to forget the fact that this time we have come so much closer than we were ever before.

I will always love you.


XCENTRIC on August 21, 2008 at 5:02 AM said...

I love you too babe...ok I better stop before I sound like a Lesibian...hahaha...nothing wrong in that though...but I am straight unfortunately...muuuaaah..keep writing and keep rocking!


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