Saturday, January 10, 2009

But the truth is.

Posted by Mood Swings at 12:09 PM
Well...honestly, I think you're still young and waiting to explore the various probabilities of life. And it is unfair to expect you to be like someone older than your age. Your life at this point permits you to make mistakes, fall and then rise again. Infact, this is what you are meant to be doing- Exploring Life!

Maybe my presence in your life at the moment is making one of your "whims" come true and thereby in a way helping you explore another new page in your life. That is fine by me. As a matter of fact I like for a fact that I have had an opportunity to make that slight bit of a difference to your life. But dear freind, you should also know that I hold no promises towards you, as I am able to give you all what I can and there is nothing more I can do for you other than this.

Maybe you might even call me heartless or curse me for this kind of my reciprocation towards your "warmth" and "genuinity". But by giving you all what I am able to, by doing what I can, is my only and ultimate way of asking you to forgive me. For I reallly hope, wish and pray that you get something more bigger and better than me in exchange at some point of time in your life.

As per me, I dont think you really deserve me. My heart knows that. And someday if hearts really ever talk and understand eachother, then you will know what I truly meant and intended for you. You know that though I will not be next to you, but I will always keep loving you just as much. This my friend is the truth.

Yes, this is all what I can do at my best. And yet, I have disappointed you in all my doings. Will I ever rise in front of you ever again? That is my question. I hope I do. I would have never let you go out of my life if only...I could!

Bottomline is- You will always remain close to my soul. May you soar high. Always!


The Techno Maniac on January 12, 2009 at 4:54 AM said...

Uhm. I dont know what to say Rid. So many emotions piled up. Is it what you wrote for your friend?

I dont know, some times I feel the same way you have felt and at one point of time I did understand, that as time passes by, friends dont leave each other, but they keep moving on.

Nothing is permanent. Ever!

prajwal said...

i know that at some point of time people cant really stay together anymore,be it circumstances or otherwise.What i do know is that,even when you and the other person think that everything is now right in life,something wrong happens either in the way either of you might think about the other person or the way you youself thinking about where things stand at that point in life and whether its viable as an option to either of you.
this conflict in choice makes the relationship a burden for both of you and thats the poin where the strings break and the macabre reality of life sets in.
But until that day comes u and your friend can still relish the little happiness both get to each other because....somewhere down inside both of you know its not gonna last.

Dankest Cartoon on April 23, 2009 at 9:48 AM said...

Y justify...when u know u r ,mind ..
Justification is second step to guilt....


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