Friday, January 16, 2009

Until today!

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Sometimes all it takes is a simple mind exercise and you feel as if the whole life has been put together and you're great to go ahead with it. While at other times you feel the whole life has been messed up due to some unstable and mindless decisions you have made. But what's important is that we stand up for ourselves at all points of our lives. Especially when we take sole responsibility of our actions. I guess that makes things less complicated and life runs smoother (well atleast in our heads so to think). Afterall they say "it's all in the mind"!! Would anybody disagree with me on this?

Today on my way from work I had a great ride on my freind's bike who honoured to drop me off home. It was a lovely journey i must say. I felt the goosebumps on my skin when the chilly air pressed sharply like steel knives on my skin. But I just let myself go. A cup of cappuccino just came as a blessing in disguise. With just a few sips i suddenly felt like life is so good and eveything that was happening around my life made sense to me in so many ways that I can't possibly explain or put into words. Everything made sense in my life- the good, the best, the bad and the worse.

I think these are the times when you feel that "Chaos is order". Well atleast it made sense at this point in my life.

Today, I looked at my life in the most balanced, positive and appreciating manner. I knew it so much that I was happy! ( hope this feeling stays longer enough)

When you sit back to think what have I done in my life or what do i intend to do with the years that are left ahead of me, we often find the answers missing in our heads.

But today was one of those days my friend, today was the day I finallly felt I should be doing something that I have always derieved self-satisfaction. And suddenly I had a gush of positive thoughts flowing into my mind. It was as if it was all flowing through my blood and moving all over my body and soul, a sort of rare positive energy.

While thise energy cooed into my ears, it spoke a lot of things that I wished to do in the coming years of my life. Philanthropy, learn foriegn languages, take up writing, take up cooking, gathering knowledge, learn musical instruments, write a book, learn learn and learn many more newer things.

That was it. That moment was undecribable. And now its making me look ahead in life.

Today was the day my friend, I have realised and felt that yet again this time I have evolved from the very many self-conflicts, mental-battles, obstructions and hardships. Yet again, I have evolved and this time a bit more victoriously!

I have known through today that I am living a wonderful life indeed...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Straight from fury

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Life is an intoxication, when you breathe it right.
Every minute spent is right no matter what, where, with whom
Nothing goes wasted, no...not ever!
I'm a girl who's dreaming high and more
I've seen this world before, but never felt it so true earliar
These days, oh! the days, they have hit the right spot
memories, they create a mark
maybe someday when am old enough or less
I will boast of them to my off springs
They can strike my words or mark them
But i tell you what that they can inspire
I might not have created a history but who cares
I have still managed to hit the nail on the wall
These days, oh! I tell you, they're memorable
Not once but yeah, in a series
Life is meant to be lived
just breathe it right
...and you know just how it feels!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

But the truth is.

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Well...honestly, I think you're still young and waiting to explore the various probabilities of life. And it is unfair to expect you to be like someone older than your age. Your life at this point permits you to make mistakes, fall and then rise again. Infact, this is what you are meant to be doing- Exploring Life!

Maybe my presence in your life at the moment is making one of your "whims" come true and thereby in a way helping you explore another new page in your life. That is fine by me. As a matter of fact I like for a fact that I have had an opportunity to make that slight bit of a difference to your life. But dear freind, you should also know that I hold no promises towards you, as I am able to give you all what I can and there is nothing more I can do for you other than this.

Maybe you might even call me heartless or curse me for this kind of my reciprocation towards your "warmth" and "genuinity". But by giving you all what I am able to, by doing what I can, is my only and ultimate way of asking you to forgive me. For I reallly hope, wish and pray that you get something more bigger and better than me in exchange at some point of time in your life.

As per me, I dont think you really deserve me. My heart knows that. And someday if hearts really ever talk and understand eachother, then you will know what I truly meant and intended for you. You know that though I will not be next to you, but I will always keep loving you just as much. This my friend is the truth.

Yes, this is all what I can do at my best. And yet, I have disappointed you in all my doings. Will I ever rise in front of you ever again? That is my question. I hope I do. I would have never let you go out of my life if only...I could!

Bottomline is- You will always remain close to my soul. May you soar high. Always!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This day of my life...

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The Sun that shimmers over me,

Through days and nights,

His beaming rays touch my skin,

Cajole my senses,

Awaken me,

through the times we spend together.

The fondness of our memories will only remain.

He is to me nothing but a source of connection,

the point where only love evokes.

A perfect synergism. An eclectic mix of emotions.

Oh! Life giver what have you led me into?

Need you not show mercy on me!


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