Monday, December 8, 2008

What is 9th of December??

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Happy Birthday to me!!!

I dont have both my best friends in town this year! But heck i dont really see that as a reason to not celebrate 26 years of my existence naaah SURVIVAL on this planet!! LOL. Yes, am turning another year older today, i already have :P

I plan to grow old gracefully. I know there is so much more to do for me.

But for now here is what i would like to do as an immediate plan-

1. Buy that beautiful Monte Carlo sweater as a gift for myself !!!

2. Indulge in a real LAVISH lunch ...yuuum!!

3. Catch upon my memories in the past and cherish this life despite all the messy situations!!

4. Count my blessings of course (well yeah i do belive in God and I'm god fearing)

5. Write a checklist of things i love doing and things that i wanna do from here on. (Wow its not going to be easy but it should be real fun)

Well and this is for all my people who are close to me, its my promise to stay close to your hearts. I would love you and keep you close to my heart as much as you would. This may sound strange but thanks mum, thanks dad for bringing me into this big bad world and showing me things that I would wanna learn and grow from!!

Happy Birthday to me once again :)) !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What times are we living in??

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8 days have passed since the aftermath.

This time however things are not back to normal. The recent Mumbai terrorist attacks also known as the 9/11 of India has shaken not just most of us but all of us!!

The rubble still remains and the threat is not completely fixed as yet. People in Mumbai are still seen running helter skelter to recover from their state of disaster. Several victims have been hospitalised and the condition is just getting worse. Nothing which is of public can be trusted safe anymore- the crowded street corners, the public parks, the local trains, the airports just about nothing at all.

All this is nothing but a gruseome reality. What appeared to be a little more than a dazzling palace is now brought down to ruins. The Taj that once stood proudly is now badly battered and gutted!

The youth are demanding answers to their questions. Rhetoric slogans have been raised, revolutionising debates have been talked on the T.V and this is just the begining. We all know lighting candles and paying condolences is not going to help us anymore. We want something that is promising. A reforming Police and defense system. A dynamic and no nonsense political system and much more.

Indian politicians are corrupt and just a bunch of pot-bellied selfish nincompoops who want to fill their bank accounts. None of these series of blasts affects them. What a disgrace! What a curse!

India is going through a lot. She's hurt and her pride is gone down to the gutters. What a wreched bunch of people is she being looked after (the politicians). It is truly disappointing. I don't feel proud to be an Indian. I probably may never!!

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